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Reston is the largest incorporated Village in the R.M. with a population of 550. It is governed by an elected body of two Local Urban District members and two Municipal Councillors.

Reston is a beautifully maintained and distinctively clean Village. The businesses and residential areas are the pride of the community.

Reston has a town siren located atop the RM building.  This Siren rings at noon and 6:00 p.m. daily except Sundays. The siren may be rung outside these times to call firefighters to the Fire Hall.  

Reston has all amenities required to create an excellent quality of life. Businesses, K-12 school, medical, and recreational opportunities continue to thrive in this community.

A Skating and Curling Complex is a common meeting place for many community members. It's housed under one roof, has all amenities for hosting events, including a concession, common viewing area, and is completely wheelchair accessible and smoke free.

Reston Memorial Park is an attraction to all, its serene atmosphere is surrounded by many diverse shrubs and flowers. The Memorial Cenotaph which is located in the heart of the park and represents the importance we as a community have on keeping the memory of our ancestors alive.

A picnic area, playground and tennis courts cater to all the celebrations and recreational activities filling the park during the summer months. The parks picturesque ambience creates a perfect atmosphere for either the novice or expert photographers to capture the various special events which the park can cater to throughout the year.

The Reston Museum is also located in the park , and has a abundant display of antiques, collectibles and an Agricultural display that have been donated by the Pioneers of the surrounding area.

Another seasonal attraction is the Golf Course located adjacent to the west side of town. It consists of a 9 hole grass green golf course and a Driving Range. The course has extremely well groomed grass greens and fairways.

A Golf Club House facilities include a coffee shop, snack bar and dining area for relaxing and visiting.

A serviced Campground is located beside the Golf Course. It consists of both serviced and unserviced sites, tenting areas, modern washrooms and trailer dumping station. This well maintained and quiet campground is a great home away from home.

The Al-Res-Tone Drop In Center is a busy spot all year with cards, pool, shuffleboard and quilting. The Senior Helping Hands Coordinator has her office within the Drop In Center as well and continuously runs programs at the center.

There are medical, ambulance, fire and policing services available to all residents.

Reston has had considerable growth and advancement in the past few years in the business and residential areas. The community feels it has a lot to offer.