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View in Map Phone : 2048773920

Address:309 2nd Ave Reston MB R0M 1X0

Contact:Seniors Helping Hands

View in Map Phone : 2048773541 Fax : 2048773331 Website :

Address:126 4th St Reston MB R0M 1X0

Description:Insurance and Financial Services

Phone : 204-556-2000 Website :

Address: Cromer MB R0M 0J0

View in Map Phone : 2048773813 Website :

Address:SW 1-7-27 Reston MB R0M 1X0

Contact:Fred Greig

Description:Avondale Seed Farm Ltd. is a pedigreed seed grower and processor located outside of Reston, MB. Contact them to discuss your seed needs!

Phone : 204-662-4573

Address:NW 31-7-28 Sinclair MB R0M 2A0

Phone : 204-266-1685

Address:Box 9 Reston MB R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 2047481876 Fax : 2047483803 Email : Website :

Address:383 Wellington Street West Virden MB R0M 2C0

Phone : 204-748-7251 Website :


Contact:Dallas Watt

View in Map Phone : 2048518408 Email :

Address:209 4th Street Reston, MB Manitoba R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 2047487688 Email :

Address:Cromer, Manitoba R0M 0J0

Contact:Mark Toews

View in Map Phone : 2045562218 Fax : 2045562694 Website :

Address:256 Main St Cromer MB R0M 0J0

Contact:Kent Duncalfe

Description:Cromer Valley Store is a family run business established in 1977. Currently managed by 2nd and 3rd generation family members Mark Toews and Kent Duncalfe. Our values have remained the same throughout the years and attribute our success to those same values, trust, service and quality merchandise. Nestled in the Pipestone Valley in the SW corner of Manitoba, Cromer Valley Store continues to supply quality goods and services to the surrounding farming community, industrial and oilfield sectors. Along with our product lines too numerous to list, we also have an in-store bakery offering daily fresh baked goods ranging from breads, buns and pastries, to pizzas and our famous sausage rolls pulled fresh from the oven by our experienced bake staff.

View in Map Phone : 2048512424 Website :

Address:247 3rd Street Reston MB R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 4317638304 Website :

Address:817 Sixth Ave Reston Manitoba MB R0M 1X0

Contact:Curtis Joseph

View in Map Phone : 2048773300

Address:121 4th St Reston MB R0M 1X0

Phone : 204-662-4558

Address:Box 63 Sinclair MB R0M 1X0

Contact:Dennis Froese

View in Map Phone : 2046624479

Address:31 Lumsden Street Sinclair MB R0M 2A0

Description:Livestock equipment and supplies

Phone : 204-877-3849

Address:SE 32-6-27 Reston MB R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 2048773603 Fax : 2048773038

Address:139 Paddock Street Reston MB R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 2048773553

Address:116 4th Street Reston MB R0M 1X0

Description:Water Jug Cooler Sales

View in Map Phone : 2048515175 Website :

Address:227 4th St Reston MB R0M 1X0

Phone : 204-748-3093 Website :

Address: Reston

Description:Click on website for more information

Phone : 204-662-4401

Address: Sinclair MB R0M 2A0

Contact:Herb Isaac

View in Map Phone : 2048773316 Website :

Address:116 4th Street Reston R0M1X0

View in Map Phone : 2046624036 Cell : 2048510316 Email : Website :

Address:5 Miles North of Sinclair at the intersection of 44N and 169W

Contact:Ivan Penner

Phone : 204-662-4524 Website :

Address: Sinclair MB R0M 2A0

Description:Location: In the heart of the Sinclair Oilfield, along #2 Highway in Sinclair, MB Store Hours: 6am - 6pm Monday - Friday 6am - 5pm Saturday Services: Licensed Machanics Oilfield Supply Toyo Tire Dealer Esso Bulk Oil Front End Alignments (2 & 4 wheel computerized)

Address: Reston MB R0M 1X0

Contact:Donna Cook

View in Map Phone : 3063214437 Website :

Address:Cromer, MB Manitoba R0M 0J0

Contact:Tracey Zarn

Description:Management consulting focusing on occupational health and safety.

Phone : 204-877-3771

Address: Reston MB R0M 1X0

Contact:Linda Hume

View in Map Phone : 2048773729

Address:316 4th Street Reston MB R0M 1X0

Description:Fuel & Propane

Phone : 204-877-3543

Address: Reston MB R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 2048773581 Website :

Address:209 4th Street Reston MB R0M 1X0

Description:Tuesday 9:30 - 4:30

Phone : 204-877-3935

Address:Box 265 Reston MB R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 2048773128 Website :

Address:SE 24-7-28 Reston MB R0M 1X0

Description:Nutrien Ag Solutions is a global food ingredients company poised for future opportunities. Nutrien Ag Solutions provides thousands of farmers with the inputs they require to optimize their crop investments. Products and services include seed, fertilizer, crop protection products, equipment, and agronomic advice. Their dedicated research and development focuses on new seed varieties tailored to meet the needs of destination customers and farmers.

View in Map Phone : 2048512174 Email :

Address:202 4th Street Reston MB R0M 1X0

Phone : 204-854-2229

Address: Pipestone MB R0M 1T0

View in Map Phone : 2048516138 Email :

Address:143 3rd Ave, RES Centre Reston, MB Manitoba R0M 1X0

Description:Art Therapy is a holistic, person-centered approach to psychotherapy that allows for the expression of feelings, both verbally and non-verbally through creativity. Pipestone Art Therapy offers individual and group therapy to children, youth and adults.

Phone : 204-854-2238


Phone : 2048773327

Address:1/2 Mile off of HWY #2 Pipestone MB

View in Map Phone : 4314121900

Address:308 2nd Ave Pipestone Manitoba R0M 1T0

View in Map Phone : 2048773925 Website :

Address:523 1st St W Reston, MB Manitoba R0M 1X0

Phone : 204-662-4561

Address:Box 84 Cromer MB R0M 1T0

Description:Ready to Move Homes

View in Map Phone : 2048773383

Address:307 6th Ave Reston MB R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 2048773572 Email : Website :

Address:143 Third Ave, Room 1 Reston MB R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 2048773327 Email : Website :

Address:10 Lake Avenue Reston MB R0M 1X0

Contact:RM of Pipestone

Description:Located just outside the town of Reston Manitoba, you will find this beautiful little campground that is full of activities for all ages to enjoy! The area includes 18 full service sites, a spray park with a water slide, 9 hole family friendly golf course and new for 2019 a brand new swimming lake and beach area! Washroom and shower facilities were built in 2018. The club house offers snacks, meals and ice cream. The campsites are currently getting upgrades to included power, water and sewer lines. This sites are also currently having ground work done to accommodate campers for the 2019 season!

View in Map Phone : 2048773104

Address:Reston Place, 209 4th Street Reston MB R0M 1X0

Description:Hours of Operation: 8:30 - 5:00 Monday & Friday Reston Chiropractic is open to anyone with any musculosteretal concerns involving the spine or extremities. Upon meeting the chiropractor a complete history and physical examination will be done to determine the nature of your complaint. The treatments consist of anything from massage, manipulation, ultrasound, interferentual current, exercise and nutritional advice. If more testing needs to be done, the chiropractor will work with your family doctor to further assess your condition.

View in Map Phone : 2048773673

Address:220 4th Street Reston MB R0M 1X0

Description:Serving the RM of Pipestone and the RM of Albert. Located on the main street in Reston the Library is a great place to spend time. Two computers with High Speed Internet are available for public use. Books, current magazines, movies, and audio books are only some of the other benefits provided by our district library. Inter-Library-Loans, Manitoba In Motion Pedometers, Victor Reader CD Players for the visually or physically impaired are also available for use. If you would rather access free eBook downloads for your iPods from eLiabraries Manitoba stop in and the librarians can set you up with a user name and password. A DLP Projector is available for rent to community groups or for private use. Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Friday - 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Saturday 9:30 am - 5:00 pm Closed from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

View in Map Phone : 2048773641 Email : Website :

Address:209 4th Street Reston Manitoba R0M 1X0

Contact:Jim and Jennifer Whyte

Description:A cornerstone in Reston's business section. Full dispensary service Monday to Friday. See our friendly staff for all your prescription, OTC, giftware, stationery, digital photo developing and vendor needs. Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Sat: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm Sun: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

View in Map Phone : 2048773501

Address:137 Main Street Reston MB R0M 1X0

Contact:Murray Anderson

Phone : 2048773511

Address:10 Lake Avenue Reston MB R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 2048773925

Address:532 1st Street Reston Manitoba MB R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 2048773702

Address:237 3rd St Reston R0M 1X0

Phone : 204-522-5507 Email :


Description:Mortgage Specialist

Phone : 204-877-3920

Address:Box 384 Reston MB R0M 1X0

Phone : 204-522-0823

Address: Sinclair MB

Contact:Local Contact: Kevin Martin

Description:6 full serviced sites and washroom facilities.

Phone : 204-854-2231 Website :

Address:Pipestone Terminal Hwy 2 & 83 Pipestone MB R0M 1T0

Description:Spearing Service specializes in oilfield trucking by providing a broad range of services to oil companies in southeast Saskatchewan, southwest Manitoba and North Dakota, USA. Spearing Service utilizes specially designed equipment to haul crude oil, produced water, natural gas liquids, condensate and other fluids. Spearing Service also provides vacuum trucks, steam trucks, hot oiler units, and services the multi-stage fracs with super heaters, winch tractors and frac tanks.

Phone : 204-877-3365


Phone : 204-851-0255 Email :

Address: Reston MB R0M 1X0

Contact:Jacob Wall

Description:New Construction, Renovations & Service. Plumbing, Heating and Gas Fitting.

View in Map Phone : 2048512174 Website :

Address:338 3rd Street Reston, MB Manitoba R0M 1X0

Contact:Connie McQuiston

View in Map Phone : 2048773991 Website :

Address:129 4th Street Reston MB R0M 1X0

Description:Financial Services

View in Map Phone : 2048511164

Address:215 Unit A, 4th Street Reston MB R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 2045265185 Website :

Address:605 6th Ave Reston MB R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 2047483095 Fax : 2047481007 Website :

Address:295-3rd Avenue Virden Manitoba R0M 2C0

Phone : 204-854-2576 Fax : 204-854-2352

Address:Box 283 Pipestone MB R0M 1T0

Description:General Automotive Repairs & 24 hour Towing Service

Phone : 204-877-3642 Fax : 204-877-3570 Website :

Address:Box 247 Reston MB R0M 1X0

Description:Farm & Auto Sales, Parts, and Repair

View in Map Phone : 2048773750

Address:126 3rd Street Reston MB R0M 1X0

View in Map Phone : 2048773020

Address:4th Street & 4th Avenue Reston MB R0M 1X0