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Municipal Election 2022

Elections for Council will take place October 26, 2022.

If you would like to confirm your name on the Voter's List, please call our Office at 204-877-3327 or email  Include your full name and place of residence or property owned in the Municipality.

Below are the forms for:

Voter Registration - All property owners are placed on the Voter's List.  If you don't own property but are a permanent resident (ex. tenant, child over 18), please fill this form out and submit a photocopy of your ID.

Non-Resident Voter Consent Form - This is for properties that are held by more than 2 non-resident voters. 2 non-resident voters must sign to consent 2 non-resident voters to vote.

All changes must be completed on or before September 20, 2022.

Please watch for more information to come!