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Business Rocks! Here is Why:

There are lots of young families in the RM. This provides the opportunity for alternative venues for entertainment and recreational investments.

"We have a solid local business, with strong agricultural ties to the area.”

Carla Cook, Manager

Nutrien Ag Solutions

The petroleum industry is helping our young farmers by offering 2nd incomes. The grants and incentives that the RM offers are also a huge benefit for development throughout the RM.

"Sunrise Credit Union is part of a cooperation movement that works for the betterment of its members and communities.  This means driving economic impact, supporting members' financial empowerment, pioneering innovative approaches to banking and contributing time and resources to improve the quality of life of the community.” "We love our jobs and community and it shows!"
Sherri Bartel, Branch Manager
Sunrise Credit Union – Reston Branch

As business expands in the Municipality, the opportunity for further financial services is greater.

"Things are looking up for our community, we have a new café and other vibrant businesses that are bringing people to town.”
Bob Turnbull, Owner
Turnbull Sales and Service

We have a good location, central to the region and at the conjunction of two major provincial highways.

"The RM of Pipestone is central to our region. Making it a great place to offer our services. The RM has been supportive to our organizations, we are in the rural for a reason.”
Dean Brooker, Manager
West Souris River Conservation District, MB Habitat Heritage and Critical Wildlife Habitat

We are lucky to have the variety of business that we do have in the RM. We will continue to support them. However, there is always room for more business.

"I like small communities. I am from the area and don’t want to move. The community & surrounding area have supported my business here.”
Todd Van Loo, Owner
Van L Equipment

Generating options for alternative industry will help sustain our current network of businesses along with producing the opportunity for more people in the area.

The development and retention of businesses encourages more businesses to stay and grow. This development will create traffic for any type of business development in the area.

"The RM of Pipestone is home! We want to see our community thrive and grow. It has been very good to our family and we want to see what the future holds for our area.”
Nancy Schiltroth, Owner
Reston Place Ltd.

There is a whole range of opportunities for new businesspersons in our municipality. Including grants and incentive programs offered through the Community Development Corporation.

"We feel an obligation to stay a part of this community and to supply the necessary services required to keep areas like the RM of Pipestone vibrant and growing.”
Barb Schiltroth, Manager
Mar-Dee Enterprises

The increased construction in the area has not only helped business, but has increased the opportunity for more business to develop.

"There was a great opportunity to move my business here. Since moving we have grown from one employee to twelve!”
Wes Omichinski, Owner
Bonneville Transport

Every time you turn around there is economic activity happening. The opportunity is here if you are willing to do the work!

"There has been an influx in business with having two primary industries; agriculture and oil. The positive economic state has kept us here, and brought back a young population.”
Gail and Dick Irwin, Owners
Irwin Automotive

There is room for development of rental accommodations, restaurants and more health services.

"We saw a future here, this gave us the means to expand and construct a new building."
Mark Toews, Owner
Cromer Valley Store

In order for businesses to increase business to business partnerships, we need to increase our manufacturing base.

"The RM of Pipestone is a centralized location for business. We are able to source our employees and customer base right here.”
Rick Bloomer - Manager, Jason Schmecht - Area Manager
Spearing Services

 The oil industry is not 9 to 5. The need for services available outside to these hours is a huge opportunity.

As a hospitality destination, the assets of quick meal service is on the decline in the area. As a business and as local residents; making small repairs and upgrades are difficult in the absence of a lumber yard.

"Concrete plant and equipment rental are all opportunities within the RM that would be supported by business already existing here.”
"There was the opportunity of a pharmacy here, and we love the community. The small town life is what helped us make the move!”
Jim and Jen Whyte, Owner
Reston Drugs

In general business is good! Businesses that are willing to make an effort are important to the community, more businesses more residents!

Once the oil industry gets back on its feet there is a huge opportunity for business expansion. Right now we can focus on the customer base we have, and what we know is yet to come.

"This is a good place to be. It is clean, safe and a great place to raise a family. We are close to the city but far enough away we can enjoy a rural lifestyle.”
Murray Anderson, Owner
Reston Fine Foods

There is a need for many businesses in the RM. There is always room for more competition.

"Our business was started in Reston. The community and surrounding area has supported us and it is important to us to continue the partnership.”
Robin Patmore, Andrew Agencies Ltd.
Andrew Agencies Ltd.

As we are a rural community we want to do our best to provide our customers with the products and services they need, so they don’t have to travel elsewhere.

"We saw a need in the area for these services. Reston is a convenient location, that we call home. We have a good clientele and a supportive community.”
Jordan Lobreau & Alisha Davidson, Owners Blondies Beauty Bar
Blondie’s Beauty Bar

More businesses in the area will create an opportunity for other regions to come to the community to utilize multiple services. While supporting the businesses we currently have.