Council is fortunate to have an active community of volunteers who selflessly give their time and talents to our many organizations.  If you are are interested in joining a committee, please contact the municipal office or the Council member appointed. 

4 Creeks Watershed Area   - Deputy Reeve Henuset

Age-Friendly Manitoba - Councillor Wanless

Alstone Lodge - Reeve McPherson                      

Assiniboine West Conservation Sub-Districts - Councillor Kotylak       

Community Development Corporation - Reeve McPherson, and Councillor Watt

Cromer Dam Project Committee - Deputy Reeve Henuset, and Councillor Wanless

Dennis County Planning District - Councillor Wanless, and Councillor Williamson                         

Oak Lake Aquifer Advisory Board - Deputy Reeve Henuset    

Pipestone Flow Control Advisory Board - Councillor Nicholson

Pipestone L.I.D. Committee - Deputy Reeve Henuset

Pipestone Rink - Deputy Reeve Henuset

Pipestone-Albert Fire Board - Councillor Nicholson, and Councillor Williamson

Pipestone-Albert Recreation Board -Councillor Watt

R.M. of Pipestone Handivan Committee - Reeve McPherson

R.M. of Pipestone Recreation Development Committee -Councillor Williamson

RES Centre - Councillor Kotylak, and Councillor Nicholson

Reston & District Library - Councillor Williamson

Reston L.U.D.   - Councillor Watt, and Councillor Williamson                   

Reston Memorial Theatre - Councillor Williamson

Reston Park Board - Councillor Watt

Reston Rec Plex  -Councillor Watt    

RM of Wallace-Woodworth Public Water System Committee -Deputy Reeve Henuset, alternate Reeve McPherson

Scarth Development Committee - Councillor Kotylak

Seniors Housing Committee - Reeve McPherson

Sherwood Handi-Van Committee  - Councillor Kotylak 

Sinclair Hall Committee - Councillor Nicholson

Sinclair L.I.D. Committee  - Councillor Nicholson

Sinclair Rink Committee    - Councillor Nicholson

Souris River Conservation Sub-Districts 

Jackson/Graham/Gainsborough Sub-district - Councillor Nicholson

Stoney Creek Sub-district - Councillor Wanless

Pipestone Creek Sub-district - Councillor Henuset

Virden & Area Justice Committee -Councillor Kotylak

Virden Employment Centre Board - Councillor Kotylak

Virden Veterinary Board - Reeve McPherson   

Wallace District Fire Board - Councillor Kotylak

Workplace Health and Safety Committee - Councillor Williamson, and Councillor Nicholson