Emergency Services
Call 911 for emergencies
RCMP - Reston Detachment
413 1st Street, Reston
204-877-3701 for complaints and emergencies, or        204-877-3871 for administration/general inquiries.
Pipestone-Albert Volunteer Fire Department

The fire department serves the R.M. of Pipestone and the R.M. of Albert and is a part of a Mutual Aid District to provide service to surrounding communities.
Call 911 for emergencies
Reston Health Centre
523 1st Street, Reston
Medical Centre 204-877-3925
Laboratory Services available on Tuesday's 204-877-3861
Personal Care Home 204-877-3921
By appointment you can see a doctor or visit the public health nurse at the Reston Medical Clinic. For clinic hours contact 204-877-3925.
Emergency services are available at Virden and Melita Hospitals
Emergency Plan
Provides direction in response to an emergency that exists or is imminent, or a disaster that has occurred or threatens. 

PLEASE call your local Councillor regarding an emergent situation prior to contacting the Emergency Plan Manager.
Emergency Plan Manager, Dean Brooker, can be contacted at 204-851-7157 or