Emergency Services
Call 911 for emergencies
RCMP - Reston Detachment
413 1st Street, Reston
204-877-3701 for complaints and emergencies, or       
204-877-3871 for administration/general inquiries.
Pipestone-Albert Volunteer Fire Department

The fire department serves the R.M. of Pipestone and the R.M. of Albert and is a part of a Mutual Aid District to provide service to surrounding communities.
Reston Health Centre
523 1st Street, Reston
Switch Board 204-877-3925
Reston Medical Clinic - available on Tuesday

Personal Care 
Laboratory Services available on Tuesday From 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., call the switch board 
Public Heath Nurse 204-748-2321 - available in Reston,  3rd Wednesday of every month
Reston Medical Clinic - available on Tuesday, call the switch board
Virden Medical Clinic 204-748-1345
In-patient and Emergent/Urgent Care:
Virden Health Centre 204-748-1230
Melita Hospital 204-522-3403

By appointment you can see a doctor or visit the public health nurse at the Reston Medical Clinic. For clinic hours contact 204-877-3925.
Emergency services are available at Virden and Melita Hospitals